Fake Instructors and Fake Systems



This post will disturb and affect many people and it refers directly to instructors who teach combat systems and promote the fight with bare hands against attacks with white weapons, knives, blades, firearms and multiple opponents.Of course in this category are entering also the students that are believing this Hollywood movies.
These are divided into two camps: those who teach different self-defence systems and strongly believe that these systems really work and the second category of instructors who teach a self-defence system, but they know that in reality they do not work. but the business and brand created are more important.
Because of the self defence industry and of many martial art styles and fighting systems in which the instructors are modifying the reality of a knife attack to sell they’re lies and show that what they teach is efficient , many people are manipulated and are real believing that what they learn will make them neutralise a knife attack or disarming a attacker with a fire weapon.
Knife attacks don’t have pattern , they are brutal ,violent and fast.
Don’t loose your time learning unreal systems that in the end transform you in a victim.
To tell someone that he will survive in a real modern combat situation (witch involves multiple attackers and weapons ) applying only hand to hand combat techniques is a fucking LIE. If you are surviving only with this is basically because you had a lot of luck.
Stop believing in this Hollywood type of thinking.Train with weapons learn to use different tools that you have on you or in your environment. Hand to hand combat techniques in my opinion can be use in a survival situation only to create the time and space to draw and use your weapon! Real criminals real bad people that will want to transform you in there victim, are caring weapons and they use it. So let this type of thinking aside and learn the art of weapons so you have more chases to survive.
From ancient times to modern times wars and battles were fought with weapons.
Rule 1 !!!! Be aware!!!If you are not able to identify a potential threat your chases of surviving are low.
Rule 2 !!! Treat every aggressor with the mentality that he carry a weapon. Maintain distance and space don’t go in a close combat , someone that have a knife whats this to happen. To close the distance and use the knife.
Rule 3!!! Hand to hand combat is only for creating the space and time to access , to deploy your weapon, tools that can help you survive.
Rule 4!!! Carry a weapon , a tool for self protection.
Train to deploy your weapon in stress and under pressure situations.
Every time you want to invest time and money for learning self protection systems , first analize them, put your teacher , instructor to test , is working what he teach if the partner don’t collaborate? He can apply his system to a violent brutal attack close to reality. If not ! search more! or buy a gun and train with it!
In my opinion the real systems that can help you survive are the ones who learn you to use tools and weapons and in which the training is very brutal and close to reality.
Stay safe !
You are having the same mentality with me? or you have different opinion ?

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