About me

About me

My name is Matei, the founder and instructor of the Tactical Combat System.

In general, I do not like to talk about myself but considering that it is a blog where I will share ideas, information with you and open discussions on topics related to modern combat it is normal to say a few words about myself.

As a short bio, for about ten years I worked as an operator in a tactical police unit and then chose to leave the state system and activated for three years as a PMC in high risk areas.During this time we have carried out maritime anti-piracy missions in areas such as the Somali Coast, Yemen, the Gulf of Aden, Nigeria, Sudan.

Tactical Combat System was created due to the direct experience I had with violence in all its aspects. Behind this system are hidden years of training and situations in which the techniques that I teach have been tested.

In the last 3 years TCS seminars and courses where organized for military, law enforcement and civilian personnel in many countries around Europe.

If I try to remember the time before TCS I see myself  in the gym or in the shooting range trained daily when others were sleeping or relaxing. I paid from my own pocket even when I was working in police, to attend courses and seminars in other countries with top instructors in tactics. TCS didn't even exist as an idea then. Many who know me may wonder why such a  sacrifice, but I always have one thing in mind. Nothing can be more satisfying than sharing your knowledge when you teach, giving further what you have learned or developed. With these teachings you give your students a part of your life and the time you have sacrificed.

If the techniques I teach, one day will save the life of a student or his family, this is the greatest satisfaction that I can have like an Instructor.

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