TCS Knife Combat

TCS Knife Combat

I will talk today about the mentality of using the knife in the system I teach. From the beginning I want to tell you that I am not a supporter of the expression "knife fighter". When I hear this expression spoken by someone it seems like I see X daily stabbing and slashing with others and surviving the confrontations.Certainly there are people, including the undersigned, who have been in real knife attack situations and have survived but let's not go to the extreme by adopting this term of knife fighter. In my conception, the knife is a tool. You must learn to use it very well so that in crisis situations you can utilize it and survive.

All you use are tools, you represent the weapon. Learning to use tools is one of the decisive factors that will influence the percentage of probability that you will survive a confrontation and here I refer to multiple attackers, edge weapons, fire weapons etc.

One of the recommendations I make to my students is to keep everything simple. Understanding that simple equals effectiveness. Do not complicate things and now I am talking strictly about the knife. Many train by performing hundreds of complicated and sophisticated drills without understanding the following points.

We live in a very busy society and our time is not enough. Even if you train daily for about an hour doing these sophisticated things, it will take a long time to learn them. Another aspect that you need to understand is that when you are in a stressful battle situation the part of the brain that deals with the memory and complex activities is suffering a blockage, complicated techniques will not be able to be applied. And here I am talking about a situation of imminent danger.

When you complicate and refine the techniques, you enter the territory of art. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, it is bad when you are more aware of art and forget that reality is different. And I will repeat again what are in my knife philosophy the three important aspects:

1. How fast you can pull the weapon out of the holster

2. How fast you can hit the target

3. How accurate you can hit it.

You can know and master thousands of techniques, if you do not master the three points you will remain in the memory of others known as the guy who knew a thousand techniques but died stabbed or shot because he was not trained to  pull the weapon out fast, to hit quickly and accurately.

TCS Knife fighting mentality I will expose again the three situations in which knife encounters can be approached .

1. You are in the situation to have the time and the space that can permit you to run , escape. If you find yourself in this situation , RUN !! Doesn't matter what training you have, how many degrees and belts in martial arts, how many fights you win in the ring or on the street.

2. Situation number two when to escape you must have contact with your aggressor/aggressors( example: you are in a room to rich the escaping point the door you must face your attacker.

In this situation is about creating the space and the moment that permits you to run! to escape.

3. The last situation and the worst is when you are in a close space without having the possibility to escape so the only possibility of surviving is fighting until the end.

In both 2 and 3 situations use all the weapons or tools with characteristics of a weapon that you have at you or in your environment.

Normally nothing is fix, so all can change if you are with your child , your family or civilians that you decide to protect.

Another important aspect is consistency in training. I advise my students that it is much better to repeat a few techniques 20-30 min each day, than to do two or three workouts of 2 hours but with breaks between them.

In the following posts I will come up with technical details regarding training.

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