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Knights Templar Militia is a modern restauration of the old and honorable Order of the Knights Templar originally known as the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon.

So it was, that in 1118, Hugh de Payens, Knight of Champagne and hero of the First Crusade and his eight companions bound themselves by a solemn vow to protect pilgrims from bandits on the public roads of the Holy Land. Historical records show that King Baldwin II of Jerusalem grantedby decree the bestowal of Knighthoods on its Fellows, and gave to them the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, which  occupied the very same site as The Temple of Solomon and which in turn became the headquarters of The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon.

In a famous letter written in the 1130s, In Praise of the New Knighthood, St Bernard of Clairvaux ( the spiritual Patron of the Templars  elevated the  Order above all other Orders of the day, establishing the image of the Templars as a fierce spiritual militia for Christ. He regarded them as a “new species of knighthood, previously unknown in the secular world…” To him, they were a unique combination of knight and monk.

The Knights Templar were the elite special forces of the medieval times and their  training made these warrior monks one of the most feared on the battle field.

Knights Templar Militia is  a state of mind , a necessary transformation and evolution but most important of survival. Is a process in wich we help the citizens giving them the knowledge to become strong , mind body and spirit .

The role is to revive the same chivalrous spirit and the same philosophy that led to the formation of that Order of Knights Templar to protect the  oppressed Christians and to carry on the esoteric teachings that these warrior monks had.

Our projects include the creation of seminars and courses for as many civilians as possible so that they can receive the necessary training and knowledge to defend themselves, their families or the communities in which they live.

Our courses will have different themes like : surviving in terrorist attacks , counter kidnapping techniques , fire arms tactics , hand to hand combat. 

We give to the people the knowledge to protect themselves!!

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