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Course Summary: This course will teach you how to survive a kidnapping, carjacking, hijacking and other abduction attempts. In this course, the trainees will be exposed to sophisticated kidnapping techniques that are being used by criminal and terrorist organizations all over the world.During the course the students will be abducted and kidnapped in various methods and will learn how to survive the situation. Who needs this course? Soldiers in high-risk zones, police officers, government special agents, populations that live in high-risk zones, journalists, wealthy or famous people, entertainers, business people, humanitarian workers, travelers, pilots and flight crew, ship crew, professional drivers, civilians and others.

Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into FOUR main modules:

  • Kidnapping & Counter Kidnapping Techniques
  •  Defensive Tactics,
  • Weapons Retention & Disarmament
  • Escape from Captivity
  • Tactical Shooting