Course Open to Civilians, Law Enforcement , Security & Military

As the economy gets worse , so does the crime rate . Included in this is the increase in the number of home invasions. Unfortunately, criminals will strike when you least expect it.

TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM will train and prepare you to always be ready to defend your family against home invasion. You will learn to safely operate a handgun in a tactical way, respond quickly to a threat, defensive tactics against armed and un-armed attackers, escaping from captivity and much more. Upon completion of our Anti Home Invasion Course, you will be able to better protect your home and your family. We also offer an Advanced Anti Home Invasion Course as well as a combined course of Anti Home Invasion, Armed Robbery and Anti Car Jacking.

TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM  will provide the training with FREE use of gear and give you the ability to protect yourself and your family. Once you have completed our Level 1 class you can return for Level 2 and also advanced training!! Call to take advantage of this unbelievable training.