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Self-Defense training…redefined.

TCS self defense system, combined hand to hand combat techniques with intelligent weapons training for the real world applicable to real people. Where others fall short by trying to provide military or police type training to civilians, who will face threats alone and in entirely different situations than professionals, Tactical Combat System has an entirely separate curriculum and training structure for civilians , we have synthesized and adapted military combat techniques for civilians . Unarmed self-defense, firearms training, and everything in between.

The program’s objectives

  • To share our Knowledge and experience accumulated by years of service and operation within various police , military special units and security industry operatives in High Risk Zones.
  • Give training that will enhancing the participants` ability to protect themselves and their surroundings.
  • Through this kind of training, they will attain a level of self-defense that will ensure them the ability to protect themselves
  • To improve the mental and physical abilities of our students we have created a special program that brings a new concept to modern combat, and it is based on meditation and yoga techniques that will change capacity to adapt in crisis situations and control the emotions that could disrupt the ability to react effectively.
  • To introduce the TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM methods, tactics and reaction to violent attacks.