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The Serpent Rouge is an adoption structure of the Priory of Sion, where it is possible to live the chivalric path even through experiencing the art of combat and fighting, exactly as our knights predecessors did. As it is known, initiatory tradition vehiculates its knowledge through signs and symbols, which recalls the relative archetypes thah opens the gates of awareness and consciousness through the path to Light, and this happens because those archetypes expressed through symbols and allegories, resonates at the deepest level of our most inner essence, before surfacing through our conscious mind. That is why originally, every initiatory path was so specifically addressed; when was made a Freemason it was because he was an architect or a mason, if initiated Knight, then was made a warrior, and if a woman was initiated as weaver this was because she was in fact an artisan in weaving. Being compatible with the kind of Initiation chosen is basilar to be sure to be in possession of the inner requirements which are essential to comprehend and then reach Light through the archetypes expressed within the symbols and allegories of the specific tradition it is meant to choose. For this reason, as a Knight Order, we can recommend this concrete experience, which is offered through adequately equipped facilities, such as polygons and certified gyms. The Serpent Rouge offers seminars and even individual courses and lessons in the major cities of Europe, like Paris, London, Berlin, Linz, Amsterdam, Marseille, Milano, Venezia, Roma. The courses are intended solely for sports and training purposes.

To submit application for the Serpent Rouge or just frequent our seminars or private lessons, contact us on the KTM email adress :