Tactical Pen


In this short post I will talk about the tactical pen, practicability, efficiency, strengths but also disadvantages. I will start by explaining to those who do not know about this tool, that the tactical pen is usually a pen made of hard metal which makes it an impact weapon but also can penetrate the soft tissue. Over time the tactical pens have evolved and been modified in such a way that now the materials from which they are made are extremely hard such as titanium, steel, carbon steel. They have all been improved with better grips.

If the situation prevents you from carrying a folder or a knife or if you are simply a citizen who wants to comply with the legislation in your country or other countries, then the tactical pen is the next tool that can give you an advantage and may represent a tool that can induce extreme damage.

I always recommend to my students who attend the seminars or knife courses that I teach, to focus more on the techniques of piercing so there will be no differences or tactical changes when using a tactical pen, a screwdriver or any other tool with the same characteristics of penetration.

Another advantage in using the tactical pen is the law. It is a legal object and can be worn in public places. I always take it with me especially on the plane, it does not pose confiscation dangers to the security control. But here depends a lot on the model. If you have a tactical pen that is not a pen but only has a shape and the tip is sharp it is very likely to be confiscated. I own a tactical pen brand Boker - Plus Titanium.Like the one in the image below.

As tips related to training and basic training with this tool. Always practice the extraction of the tactical pen from the position where you have it. The position where you put the tactical pen will always be the same and somewhere very easy to access.

As disadvantages I will say the most important. The difficulty in making a quick extraction due to a weak hand grip.

As a personal conclusion, I recommend that you own and carry such a tool that can help you survive an imminent attack. Logically do not exclude the part where you have to train at least the basic level. And don't forget the three TCS principles:

-How fast do you deploy the weapon.

-How fast hit.

-How precisely hit.

Stay safe!

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