TCS Fighting Mentality

TCS Fighting Mentality

We live in a world of pure violence , preparing and training for protecting yourself or your family in this days is a mandatory thing. You can ignore this subject and think that it will never happen to you or to your family but is only a wrong view . The victims that were in a violent situation on the street were thinking the same. Train yourself and most important be aware. Awareness is the first shield that you must have to survive if something will go wrong.But if you are already reading this lines and enter on this page means that you have already a connection with the idea of personal protection.

I want to start my first topic by speaking  about the philosophy behind TCS and the mentality regarding self protection and the concept of hand to hand combat. My background and my experience put me in a lots of real combat situations. From this started  the idea to create not a new system but rather to choose and test what really works or not in reality. Basically even if I come from the traditional martial arts and also contact sports like boxing, I think  to tell someone that he will survive in a real modern combat situation (witch involves multiple attackers and weapons ) applying only hand to hand combat techniques is a fucking lie. If you are surviving only with this is basically because you had a lot of luck.

Stop believing in this Hollywood type of thinking.Train with weapons learn to use different tools that you have on you or in your environment. Hand to hand combat techniques in my opinion can be use in a survival situation only to create the time and space to draw and use your weapon! Real criminals real bad people that will want to transform you in there victim, are caring weapons and they use it. So let this type of thinking aside and learn the art of weapons .

The martial arts in the past and every fighting system was creating for war, for killing, tested in real battles. After time pasted this killing arts transform in peaceful traditional arts that promote nonviolence and are having like a goal the spiritual and physical transformation.

If we talk about contact sports, yes is true this are more close to the idea of fighting, but don't mix the sport that involves rules with reality were the attackers not one , but multiple will carry weapons, knives, guns and so on. So first you must exit from the box, you must understand that real fighting is not resumed to hand to hand combat. If you think like this and you are a ground fighter for example and choose to close distance and go down with a guy that has basic knowledge of fighting but has also a knife with him, the probability that you will die is high, because you closed the distance and he can use now his deadly weapon.

Violence is part of our society. Ordinary people become victims of aggression, robbery,rapes and other types of brutal violence.You need to have the right set of mind when dealing with such situations.Some of the important things that you must have :

Awareness is one of the most important. If you cannot identify in time possible signs of a violent attack, it may be late to act.

Treat every aggressor with the idea that he have a weapon.

Survival means creating the situation to escape.

Use tools to create space for evasion.

Use all the possible objects you carry or find in the environment, and you have the necessary features to turn them into weapons to trow , to stab to hit.

If you have to fight for your own life or for your family, do it to the end. If you stop, you give the aggressor the chance to continue the violent attack.

Now I want to talk  a little bit about the knife mentality 

TCS Knife fighting mentality I will expose again the three situations in which knife encounters can be approached .

1. You are in the situation to have the time and the space that can permit you to run , escape. If you find yourself in this situation , RUN !! Doesn't matter what training you have, how many degrees and belts in martial arts, how many fights you win in the ring or on the street.

2. Situation number 2 when to escape you must have contact with your aggressor/aggressors( example: you are in a room to rich the escaping point the door you must face your attacker.

In this situation is about creating the space and the moment that permits you to run! to escape.

3. The last situation and the worst is when you are in a close space without having the possibility to escape so the only possibility of surviving is fighting until the end.

In both 2 and 3 situations use all the weapons or tools with characteristics of a weapon that you have at you or in your environment.

Of course all this situations have a lot of factors that can change the strategy in witch you react, like for example if you are with your family or civilians are in danger of death you cannot choose to run , you must protect them and eliminate the target or die trying . The awareness is one of the most important factors. If you are not capable to see the threat in time , you will not be able to react. The attacks are fast and violent.

Stay safe! And remember that it is better to stand before a judge for protecting your life or your family than to stand death in front of a priest.

Fell free to comment, if you are in accordance with what I write or if you have another view.


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