BOOT CAMP – The Rise of a Warrior

BOOT CAMP – The Rise of a Warrior

Bootcamp “The Rise of a Warrior” 
Take part in the most EXTREME EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE! 4 days of military, warrior  boot camp were you will pass your physical and psychological limits.


It is NOT for the meek.

If you never been in the woods; stay home.

If you never been cold ; stay home.

If you just want easy training in a flat gym with a soft bad hotel nearby; stay home.

If you are unsure that you can ,, Man Up ,, if you really had to. Stay home.

This Boot Camp is for those wanting to try something HARDER

A real military combat camp for civilians  design to create warriors. The boot camp training program will contain the next thematic:
1Military Fitness:
Military Fitness is the most effective way of getting fitter, stronger, faster.
This program is design for civilians fallowing a standard military fitness training course.
2Tactical Combat System hand to hand combat:
Self-Defense training…redefined. TCS self defense system, combined hand to hand combat techniques with intelligent weapons training for the real world applicable to real people.
3TCS Knife combat:
– TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM KNIFE fighting is an unique and modern blade system based on reality concepts learn and experience by our instructors in real situations. Whit many seminars and courses organized in different countries , teaching for military and civilian personnel , make us the right choice for you to learn knife and blade combat.
Knife fighting TCS system is created in such a way that the participants will be able to learn in short time basic and advanced techniques with different kinds of blades.
4.TCS Knife trowing :
The Knife is a short range weapon but it can be transform with training in a projectil weapon. This part of the Boot Camp will pe focus on knife trowing.
5.Outdoor Survival techniques:
We teach you amazing skills and providing the knowledge for you to live in the wilderness.

-Survival Psychology

-Planning and Response

-9 essential elements for effective survival

-First Aid Basics…

-Review of concerns

-Environmental Emergencies (Heat, Cold, Lightning, Drowning)

-Outdoor First Aid Kits

-Shelter and Clothing

-Fire Building





6.Weapons tactics
7Training and scenario’s
8.Tactical combat medic training:

Includes an overview of tactical emergency combat care, environmental hazards and treatment, bleeding control, and wound dressing, etc all this with different scenarios that will put you more close to the idea of reality of a situation.

Will cover the topic of Bleeding Control and Wound Management . This is design for civilians , law enforcement , security personel and all the persons who want training in basic life saving medical intervention.that include catastrophic hemorrhage , bleeding control using tourniquet, bleeding control using hemostat agents and gauze pack , and opening an airway.

This program combines didactic lecture with skills sessions and clinical scenarios and bleeding control field simulation exercises.

Emergency Medical training is more and more needed in this days due to the increasing of active shooters and terrorist attacks also.
9.Warrior meditation techniques:
One of the most important part of training is the mind. We provide relaxation, auto suggestion and meditation techniques to control your mind in different stress situations so that you can take the best decisions.
10.Counter Kidnapping is one of the many sectors of learning for this Boot Camp. Counter Kidnapping is an adaptation of the military special operation course S.E.R.E .
S.E.R.E is an acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a program that provides military personnel, and civilians with training in evading capture, survival skills.
Our role is to give the students all the knowledge for being capable of escaping illegal custody and disappearing back into a safe zone. When traveling you have to be aware of the tactics that criminals use, so that you don’t end up becoming a victim. We will teach you the counter tactics you can use to protect you and your family. These skills could be used in a SHTF scenario, being kidnapped, economic breakdown, being stuck in a hostile country, evading capture, natural disaster, and much more!
Learn how to defeat/escape the most common restrains used (hand cuffs, zip ties, etc)
*Learn to form, use, and conceal improvised weapons
*Learn the basics of emergency medicine for bleeding, breaks, and strains/sprains.
*Learn the principles for effective escape and counter tracking measures.
*Learn what to say and not to say to hostile individuals and kidnappers; “etiquette”. How not to make things worse.
*Learn the principles of proper camouflage for both yourself and your shelter site.
*Participate in a mock kidnapping and interrogation, as the victim. This will get physical, be prepared.
*Learn the mental tricks necessary for survival in a kidnapping, interrogation, and/or escape situation.
*Learn the fundamentals of wilderness survival so as not to die of exposure should you decide to “make a run for it” to a friendly area.

Date: 14-15-16-17

Location: Romania
The boot camp will be taking place outdoor in a unique mountain area  where nature offers all the conditions to live this unique wilderness experience.
Every participants will stay in tends. This boot camp is about warrior spirit about learning to survive ,about extreme training , working in team and also assimilate the skills that we special design in this program.
Our instructors will be involve in the training and organization of this boot camp. They  are ex military special units operators that will transfer to you the knowledge of combat and survival.

The places for this boot camp are limited.

To book your place at this event you must make a 20 percent deposit until 01.03.2020  and the rest will be paid one week before or on the day when the boot camp starts.

Price of the 4 days boot camp is 500 € /person.
The price include 3 meals / day ( bio food , meat, fish, vegetables , honey products, drinks) In this period will be organized fire camps barbecues and other activities.
You receive the WARRIOR BOOT CAMP PACK that includes :
-tactical medical kit ( tourniquet, Israeli bandage, scissor, NPA and other medical first aid tools.
-TCS Warrior Boot Camp T-Shirt “Knights Templar” limited edition ( this t-shirt is given only to the participants)
-Certificate of Completion
TCS will offer also prices for different category ( for example : the best team leader, the best survival skills, the best knife trowing price)
List of items that students must bring:
-sleeping bag.
-long pants (camouflage  if possible)
-long jacket (camouflage  if possible)
-waterproof (rain jacket)

   Download the PDF Warrior Bootcamp

“Knowing others is intelligence , knowing yourself is the wisdom. Mastering others is strength , Mastering yourself is true power”

                                                                                                                             –  Lao Tzu

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