I am asked very often what type of blade I carry as my EDC and what knives brands and designs I recommend.

My EDC knife is the Clovis model created by BJORN KNIVES.

I was finding in this blade all the elements that a combat knife must have.

If you really want my advice regarding the type of blade to carry then this is the one.

But Bjorn is forging many other custom designs.

About Bjorn

Bjorn is kind of a secret person and can’t tell much about himself, however he can endlessly speak about knives and how he is doing them. Bjorn started to make knives in the beginning of 2021. The knives always have been a passion for him, since childhood, as long as he remembers he always carry a knife, as the old proverb says “No knife – no life” .

As a Frenchman, Bjorn has a particularly link with the knife presented in the illustration. Indeed this knife’s model is named after the real founder of Kingdom of France – Clovis. This model was designed specifically for EDC / Combat purpose in urban areas, although it can be used of course in forest and nature for some work. The Clovis model was designed to be comfortable to wear, not too big, not too large , and long and sharp enough to give good strikes and stabs. The end of the handle is also made only from steel, for striking purposes, on a window or something else. Inside the handle under the scales, the steel is purposefully drilled with holes in order to give this knife a better balance. The kydex sheath made in a “Taco” style, allows the knife to be carried hidden in appendix position without giving constraints during different movements (jumping, running, kicking). All the knives made by Bjorn are made of N690 Böhler stainless steel , high quality powder industry from Austria. All the knives are 100% handIf you need any more info or you want a custom knife just contact him on his Instagram,  Facebook pages or at his email address.