Video Course ”Blade Anatomy” Vol.1
In this video course I will teach you about the deadly zones of the body and how you can access them, to kill or incapacitate your target.
For each anatomical zone that I present I also share different drills that you can implement in your training for a better understanding of this topic.
This video course contains knowledge that rarely is available to the public. The importance of this knowledge is critical when you really want to become a skilled Protector.
I use for this video course also diagrams and simple anatomical drawings combined with applications and drills on the training dummy and medical dummy.
Knife injuries will teach you more about knife combat than all the techniques in the world. Learning what a weapon can do to somebody is a mandatory part to develop a healthy respect for the weapon. Learn basic human anatomy!
Duration: 104 min
Price: 30 € ( Euro)
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