Matei Florin has 9 years proven as an operator in a police tactical unit. Background in close quarter battle, high risk arrests, and dignitary close protection; specially trained to intervene in high-risk events like hostage and barricade situations. He was working also 4 years in High Risk Zones ( Cost of Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf Of Aden, Yemen) in anti piracy missions as a Private Military Contractor.

Matei is the founder of Tactical Combat System/TCS, a modern fighting system that utilize blades and firearms combat tactics combined with trauma medicine, improvised weapons and also escape and evasion techniques.

He teaches his system in many countries around Europe for military, law enforcement, security personnel and for civilians. 

Matei is available for seminars everywhere and private lessons in Linz, Austria area.


The seminars and courses can touch one or more themes below:

  • knife combat
  • improvised weapons
  • trauma medicine
  • escape and evasion

For more information or for organizing an event contact Matei on the email address:



2022 – STOP the BLEED Ambasador and Instructor

2020 –  MIRA (Medicine In Remote Areas) course

2019 – Highfield Level 3 Certificate Close Protection Operative

2019 – IQ Level 3 Certificate FPOS ( First Person on Scene ) Medical

2015 – 2017: Team Leader Seagull Maritime Security (private military contractor) on anti-piracy  and counter-terrorism missions  in high risk areas (Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf of Aden, Sudan);

2015- Maritime Security Operator Certificate

2006-2015:  Tactical  Police Unit Operator – Romanian National Police

2015: Expert on weapons division for Annax Military Spain;

2015: Certified  in Counter Terrorism Studies Georgetown University

2013-2015: Self-Defense Instructor – Krav Maga  For  Police  Special Unit in Constanta / Romania

2014: Branch Director Romania Taktica Academy;