“Hermes Feet” / Video Course

Improving your footwork must be one of the most important training elements. Being able to disengage from the danger zone or to cover the distance between you and the target very fast is a must.
The goal is to achieve the skill to close distances from positions and directions that can deceive your target and can mask your intentions.
In this video course I teach you  different TCS footwork techniques  and training drills to improve this skill.
The main techniques that I use in Tactical Combat System are the Yin-Yang method, Sliding method and Jumping Feet, with their strong and weak points. Based on my own experience and practice, footwork is one of the most important aspect of training. Without mastering this skill it will be very hard when you will face a violent encounter with multiple aggressors.
The footwork is applied to the four  TCS principles of combat : Penetrate – Intercept- Evade – Destroy.
Duration: 90 min
Price: 20 € ( Euro)

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