Who can participate?

This course is open for law-enforcement , military  private security personnel but also civilians.

The majority of law enforcement officers are injured or killed in confrontations that take place at under seven feet. The only answer given for how to win in these situations is “just shoot ’em.” If it’s that easy, why do officers keep getting killed?

Tactical Combat System offer you  a fighting system that allows the defender to react instantly and reflexively with   deadly or non-deadly force minimizing the aggressor ability to harm them.

This system was tested and developed in real situations by our Instructors .The problem with most systems is that there are too many decisions to make in too small a time period. It would be like carrying five guns of different types, shooting them all differently, and trying to choose which one to use under the stress of combat. The saying goes, “Beware of the man with one gun.” Well, we say BEWARE OF THE INDIVIDUAL WITH ONE COMBAT SYSTEM! – the person who knows without hesitation exactly what he is going to do in any armed or unarmed conflict. In this course you will become such a person.

You will learn a full unarmed combat system and an integrated firearms combat system.

Subjects Covered:

  • Stunning or disabling your opponent while protecting yourself and drawing your handgun
  • Fighting your way out of a contact distance confrontation
  • Lethal and nonlethal handgun retention techniques
  • What to do if you are knocked down – winning from there, and fighting your way back up
  • Fluidly transitioning from lethal to nonlethal force
  • Integrating unarmed skills, handgun, and other self-defense items into a total “use of force continuum” so that you respond with the right answer quickly