Who can participate at this course?

Law enforcement , military and private security personnel.


This Advanced course will focus on dynamic entries, the most dangerous type for the team. CQB courses will be taught in the crawl, walk, run method – this is the run phase. This course will be faster than the previous courses with more emphases on dynamic entries and surgical shooting. Students will be introduced to mission planning which will include a live fire shoot house and vehicle take downs. Low light and night training, both on the range and in the shoot house, will address the complications shooters encounter in low light situations as well as teach ways to take advantage of low light.  High level of marksmanship and safety will be required to pass this course.  Training with marking rounds will be used everyday as it has been found to be one of the best training aids available. Live fire training drills, safety and marksmanship will be stressed as there will be graded exercises to move on to the next level of training courses. This course will be shooting intensive and students must be prepared.

Training Topics

  • Safety
  • Single room clearing
  • Multiple room clearing
  • Hallways and T intersections
  • Techniques and procedure developments
  • Marksmanship proficiency
  • Post assault procedures
  • Facility layouts and architecture
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Individual and Team Movement
  • Team Formations
  • Identifying Angles as Danger Areas
  • Slow and Deliberate entry
  • Dynamic Entry
  • Team Dialogue/Communication
  • Movement to breach
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Target discrimination training