The warrior is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children – the future of humanity.

Being a warrior is more than about fighting, it is about protecting the family, service to the community and protection of their homeland.

A warrior must always seek knowledge to improve his skills that will help him in his mission. By joining us you will connect with many others like you that are having the same motivation of becoming Protectors. In the Tribe you will find experts in many domains like tactical and trauma medicine, fire weapons tactics, blade combat, survival skills and much more, that will share with you their knowledge.

Tribe 13 is a place where all the members are learning from each other improving or learning new skills.


TRIBE 13 is organized using the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ORDER MODEL.

Knights Templar Archetype is a state of mind, a necessary transformation and evolution but most important A brotherhood of skilled individuals having the qualities of a protector. Is a process in which we as warriors we can help the citizens giving them the knowledge to become strong, mind body and spirit and also to protect them.

When we have in us this knight templar model reviving the same chivalrous spirit and the same philosophy that led to the formation of that Order of Knights Templar we will be able to protect the oppressed ones and to carry on their mission.

We can give to the people the knowledge to protect themselves!!

Tribe 13 is not about some people that want to be part of a weekend club. Tribe 13 is about Brotherhood! About a great valor that today is more and more hard to find. This is a warrior Brotherhood, where all we search to achieve the ultimate goal, to become Protectors and use our skills for the weak, for the poor and for all that are needing us.




Our MISSION is to support the civilians that have no access to technical and systematical training in modern combat tactics and to offer them knowledge, practical and theoretical that will definitely contribute to their survival in real violence cases or emergency situations.

TRIBE 13 is offering intensive training in self-defense, private protection, security & safety, blades and fire weapons tactics, tactical medicine and survival techniques with the goal to create PROTECTORS.
We believe all the communities would benefit from a warrior tribe of individuals protecting it at all times. We provide training and we share the knowledge that can prepare any individual to become a Protector.


TRIBE 13 is providing members an easy way to find each other so they can share knowledge between them, organize and get together for training events, or work in different projects related to the Tribe. Tribe 13 is not a Militia or a para-military group.

We are not antigovernmental, anti-military, or anti-law enforcement. Many of our brothers are former police, military or security operators. We do not condone extremists. If you have an problem with that then our organization is not for you. We have a zero-tolerance policy for extremists. Inside the Tribe we are not discussing: politics, religion believes or sexual orientation. We keep our talks focused around our main goal and mission, that of becoming better protectors.

TRIBE 13 is a project of creating a community based on the principle of the protector. Protectors of their families and of their community.

Doesn’t matter the location were you are, TRIBE 13 is about a state of mind about being member of a group that have the same interest and the same mission to protect their families and their community around them.

Warrior Tribe 13  is here to provide knowledge and inspiration to anyone dedicated enough to seek it.

By mastering different skills and find people with the same warrior and protector mentality you can make your tribe, your community safer.

We are sharing knowledge in different ways.

  • One way is true the YouTube Channel – ”Tactical Combat System” where we upload every week FREE video training content about knife combat, fire weapons, tactical medicine, survival and much more.
  • Second is true  the online training platform.


Another way in which we provide knowledge is true the official site on this platform where if you become a member you will have access to unique content regarding fire weapons, knife combat, tactical medicine, survival, combat mindset, meditation and much more.
All the materials are reserved only for the TRIBE members and only here are streamed. 
Every week are uploaded new training videos and materials. It is a great resource of knowledge for every individual that wants to improve his skills and become better protectors.

To be a member of the TRIBE 13 and access this online training platform you can do it by choosing ”TIER – 2 TRIBE MEMBERSHIP” from the link bellow:

Some of the material content that already you can find on the online training platform and much more:


  • Another way that we are offering knowledge to the people is true online training classes.
  • And also true the seminars, courses and boot camps that we organize. 

By becoming a Tribe 13 member you will have access also to the Forum platform joining a group of individuals that have the same goal, to increase their skills and become better protectors for their families and communities.

TRIBES around the world  (heraldic Coat of Arms)

This Ranking System is only available to our Warrior Tribe Members. It’s a pretty simple system. All you have to do to get promoted is meet the requirements for each rank. It’s based off of time in service, which means how long you have been a member of the tribe and what training, courses, seminars or boot camps you participated to. The longer you’re a member with us and you are involved in training, the higher your rank will climb. Certain ranks come with added leadership responsibilities and different tasks as well. This structure is pretty much broken down to resemble the rank structure of the military, while the Warrior Tribe is not a militia, this rank system allows us to keep a better level of organization within the organization. It gives you something to work towards, and just like the military, it gives you a certain level of respect over those you outrank.






The Heraldic Coat of Arms

The Tribe 13 Coat of Arms has an outer and an inner symbolism. At a outer level we have the wolf dragon that was the war banner of a very powerful ancient warrior people called ” Dacians ” a sub-group of the Thracian.

The draco was undoubtedly seen by the army as a special protective symbol, while it also played an important role in the religious life of the people.

A special relation existed between Dacians and the wolves. They called themselves “wolves” or “ones the same with wolves”. At a mythological level is referring to the existence of a ritual that provides one with the ability to turn into a wolf. Such a ritual was presumably a military initiation, potentially reserved to a secret brotherhood of warriors. To become formidable warriors they would assimilate behavior of the wolf, wearing wolf skins during the ritual. The same practice we find at the Berserkers Vikings bur also other warrior tribes. 

The shield is symbolizing Protection. The tribe members must be great protectors of their families and of their community. 

The Sword is symbolizing honor in battle. The Axe is the symbol of military service and duty . The Arrow is the symbol of readiness. All are weapons that symbolize the combat qualities of a warrior tribe member. He will study and practice until he will be a master of combat skills.

Because a true warrior is not only a master of combat skills but also a master of the inner war, walking the path of spiritual transformation,
at an inner level the wolf is symbolizing your consciousness in pure natural state. The symbolism of the axe is severance of the material and worldly aspects of ones existence, attachment. The arrow is symbolize controlling of desire and the sword  represent the cutting of ignorance. 

Why Tribe 13 ?

Tribe, because now the society is beginning to walk in a more and more bad direction, and normality and healthy moral values are changed with something else. The tribe was one of the first types of communities based on honor, courage, respect, brotherhood.
13, because we want to put accent not only on the combat training but also on the spiritual one. The most important fight is the inner one.
13 is the number of transformation. In our case the transformation to become a warrior, a Protector.
13 is related also to the idea of the knights templar brotherhood. 

There are some great values that only few individuals are ready to defend. But it is precisely these men whom are choosing to become PROTECTORS. For this men we search. Men whom desire to protect the weak, the old the sick leads them onward to be warriors, not wimps; fighters, not pacifists; to oppose evil, not tolerate it; to rush to the defense of the innocent, not sit around and talk about it on social media. We do not seek every man. We do not call every man. We seek only such men.



You can do it by choosing ”TIER – 2 TRIBE MEMBERSHIP” from the link bellow:


After this send us to our email address the next information:

  1. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Photo.
  3. A letter of intent expressing your desire to become a member.

We will contact you upon receipt of your documents.  Please note that if you neglect to include any of the above information, we will disregard your correspondence.

By becoming a member you will have  access to training materials on the platform, video courses and also online live training classes.

The Tribe is giving to his members true the rank system the opportunity to advance and depending on the skills to be involved in present and future projects ( C.R.O.S.S. Protector/ S.P.E.A.R /OMEGA Task Force )

For more Info about the TRIBE 13 you can send us a email on the address:



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