Private Classes

  • ✓ Train one-on-one with Instructor Matei Florin
  • ✓ Specially tailored training program designed specifically for you
  • ✓ Direct feedback and guidance to keep you on track
  • ✓ One hour and a half coaching session

TCS Knife combat is an unique and modern blade system based on reality concepts learn and experience by our instructor in real situations. Whit many seminars and courses organized in different countries , teaching for military and civilian personnel , makes him the right choice for you to learn knife and blade combat.

Knife fighting TCS system is created in such a way that the participants will be able to learn in short time basic and advanced techniques with different kinds of blades.

TCS Knife Combat is about ambush and counter ambush knife techniques. Brutal and simple tactics to eliminate or incapacitate the target.

This is the only system that combines real anatomy classes in the context of blade combat in such a way that the student understand how the human body is reacting in the moment in which a particular area is stabbed or cut.

By attending the live zoom classes you will be able to train and learn under the direct advise of the Chief Instructor of Tactical Combat System Matei Florin on the next topics:

  • Basic and advance knife combat drills and techniques in close range distance.
  • Basic and advance knife combat throwing drills and techniques.
  • Knife Combat Mindset.
  • Techniques and special training drills to increase speed and precision.
  • Deployment of the knife( fix blade and folding).
  • Dangerous Concealed Carry.
  • Gun and Knife Transitions.
  • Hand to hand Combat and Knife Transitions.
  • Knives in Non-Permissive Environment.
  • Improvised Weapons

    The trainer will build a training program specifically tailored to your own personal level and needs and guide you as you progress through the levels.

    This classes are designed for SOLO TRAINING, so you don’t need a training partner.

    TCS – KNIFE fighting is an unique and modern blade system based on reality concepts learn and experience by our instructors in real situations.

Whether you are an experienced coach looking to enhance your skills or if you are at the start of your journey, we’ve got you covered. You can train from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like and at times that work for you (subject to availability).

This Knife Combat classes are created in such a way that the participants will be able to learn in short time basic and advanced techniques with different kinds of blades.

  • The zoom classes will be weekly Saturday and Sunday (with possibility to change the days according with your program)

    The duration of a class will be of two hours.

    Price of a session: 40 €

    Purchase either one-off weekly sessions or 10 class pass/350€

  • Immediately after enrollment our team will contact you for planning and organizing your training classes.





Chief Instructor Tactical Combat System

With 9 years proven as an operator in  a police tactical unit, background in close quarter battle, high risk arrests, and dignitary close protection. Specially trained to intervene in high-risk events like hostage and barricade situations and with 4 years in High Risk Zones ( Cost of Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf Of Aden, Yemen) in anti piracy missions as a Private Military Contractor make him the right person from whom you can learn techniques and tactics of modern combat using blades and edged weapons. Six years ago he created TCS (Tactical Combat System) a modern fighting system that utilize blades and firearms combat tactics. Mission: TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM is offering you intensive training in self-defense, private protection, blades and fire weapons tactics, tactical medicine and survival techniques. This project comes as a support for the civilians that have no access to technical and systematical training in modern combat tactics but also for military law enforcement or security personnel. The purpose is to offer you a the knowledge –practical and theoretical- that will definitely contribute to your survival in real violence cases and to your better state of mind in the day by day life.


2020 –  MIRA (Medicine In Remote Areas) course

2019 – Highfield Level 3 Certificate Close Protection Operative

2019 – IQ Level 3 Certificate FPOS ( First Person on Scene ) Medical

2015 – 2019: Team Leader Seagull Maritime Security (private military contractor) on anti-piracy  and counter-terrorism missions  in high risk areas (Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf of Aden, Sudan);

2015- Maritime Security Operator Certificate

2006-2015:  Tactical  Police Unit Operator – National Police

2015: Expert on weapons division for Annax Military Spain;

2015: Certified  in Counter Terrorism Studies Georgetown University

2013-2015: Self-Defense Instructor – blades and Edged Weapons  For  Police  Special Unit 

2014: Branch Director Romania Taktica Academy;

2014: Certificate with Black Belt 6 Dan on Knife Combat (Offered by MAA-i);