The Magic Hand

Video Course ”The Magic Hand” 

In this video course I will teach you one of my Ougi techniques. Ougi (奥義) translated to mystery/secret, Ougi is an advance technique in some sorts of arts. This is an unorthodox method using deception. The Magic Hand is the method the tactic to use deception, to deploy and prepare your weapon without others to notice, keeping the element of surprise.

I decided to begin sharing this type of knowledge because I believe that civilians need to increase the combat skills, for being able to protect their lives or the ones around.

It is crucial to understand the body language, angles and positions, techniques for hiding/moving/transferring the weapon.

This video course contains tactics that rarely are available to the public. The importance of this knowledge is critical.

Master the skills to ambush and to use deception because nothing related to violence involves honor or rules.
Duration: 78 min
Price: 20 € ( Euro)

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