TCS Knife Combat is about ambush and counter ambush knife techniques. Brutal and simple tactics to eliminate or incapacitate the target.
Part of the methodology is the Combat Knife Throwing.
The Knife is a short range weapon but it can be transform with training in a projectile weapon.
Combat knife throwing technique’s can be use in short distance from the target maximum 4 m. We aim always the mass centre of the target. That powerful shock will create the time and space to evade or apply other tactics. The throw of the knife can be performed only when you have a secondary blade otherwise you don’t throw your only weapon. This skill can be used especially when you face multiple aggressors.
In this Video Course I will teach you the “no spin” technique of throwing the knife, adapted to combat. By learning this skill you will be able to transform any pointed objects in projectile weapons. I will show you a set of drills that you can implement in your training and also I will teach you the right mindset that you need to master this skill.
“All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tzu
Duration: 57 min
Price: 20 € ( Euro)

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