DIRTY KNIFE TACTICS-Master the Dark Arts

This manual has the goal to make you understand how criminal minded individuals are operating and what kind of tactics are using, in such a way that you can identify how you can apply the right methods and tactics to increase your chances of survival.

The manual contain illustrations and drawings created by me in a brutal and violent style with explanations and teachings regarding various topics.

This type of information cannot be found in any materials on the market regarding the knife combat.

The knowledge that I have and want to share with you comes from my direct experience with violence, from testing and training. From teaching TCS for the last 8 years, but the most important from other individuals very skilled at violence.

Together with the manual comes also a VIDEO COURSE  in which I explain and show some of the methods and tactics. You can access the video course with a simple scan of a QR code.

You will find at the end of this work also “The Training Cards“. A set of illustrations that will help you to memorize better some of the knife techniques that I teach.

I want from the begining to underline that all this knowledge that I share in this material is already known by criminals and my goal is to AWAKE as many people as possible, making them understand the reality behind violent ambushes. This manual is for the protectors that really want to prepare themselves for the worst, being able to protect their lives or the ones around.

This material comes as a support in the process of learning and must not replace face to face training. In this manual I try to share some information’s and instructions that I think can help you develop a good set of skills regarding the knife. Everything requires time, dedication and a lot of hard work to achieve a level of mastery. The illustrations that I draw is one of the elements that differentiate this manual from other knife combat materials. I wanted to create images that can help the student  understand better this topic by giving them visual explicit content

I share in this manual knife tactics, techniques and strategies, teaching you unorthodox methods, how criminals are  ambushing and how to prepare for counter-ambush situations but also how to create improvised weapons.

The manual has 130 pages.

PDF version + Video Course

Price: 30 €

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About the Author


CEO / Chief Instructor –  Tactical Combat System

He has 9 years proven as an operator in  a police tactical unit, background in close quarter battle, high risk arrests, and dignitary close protection; specially trained to intervene in high-risk events like hostage and barricade situations and with 3 years in High Risk Zones ( Cost of Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf Of Aden, Yemen) in anti piracy missions as a Private Military Contractor. Teaching his system in many countries around Europe for military, law enforcement and security personnel but also for civilians.  All this experience equipped him with the right knowledge to create this material and share it with you.


2020 –  MIRA (Medicine In Remote Areas) course

2019 – Highfield Level 3 Certificate Close Protection Operative

2019 – IQ Level 3 Certificate FPOS ( First Person on Scene ) Medical

2015 – 2017: Team Leader Seagull Maritime Security (private military contractor) on anti-piracy  and counter-terrorism missions  in high risk areas (Somalia, Nigeria, Gulf of Aden, Sudan);

2015- Maritime Security Operator Certificate

2006-2015:  Tactical  Police Unit Operator – Romanian National Police

2015: Expert on weapons division for Annax Military Spain;

2015: Certified  in Counter Terrorism Studies Georgetown University

2013-2015: Self-Defense Instructor – Krav Maga  For  Police  Special Unit in Constanta / Romania

2014: Branch Director Romania Taktica Academy;