This is a intensive course comprehensive 2 days handgun and tactical medical care. It combines violent force trauma solutions and defensive pistol tactics.

This course is a life saver , preparing you to prevale in a real gun fight situation.

This is an intensive course that covers a big amount of information in just 2 days.

The ,,defense pistol,, part of this course include topics like :

-legal aspects of deadly force

-anatomical stopping power

-movement and communication

-mental state of combat

-dry training drills

-life fire drills ( one/two handed shooting , shooting in movement , use of cover and concelment, loading and reloading, malfunctions , shooting from conceal weapon carry.

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care part of this course will cover the topic of Bleeding Control and Wound Management . This is design for civilians , law enforcement , security personel and all the persons who want training in basic life saving medical intervention. That include catastrophic hemorrhage , bleeding control using tourniquet, bleeding control using hemostatic agents and gauze pack , and opening an airway.

This program combines didactic lecture with skills sessions and clinical scenarios and bleeding control field simulation exercises.

Emergency Medical training is more and more needed in this days due to the increasing of active shooters and terrorist attacks.

PDF Presentation Course

,, In strategy is necessary to treat training as a part of normal life with your spirit unchanging,,

 -Miyamoto Musashi